Agile Factory
Your custom team assembled for your unique requirements
Once you have an actionable blueprint, it’s time to effect the transformation. The Agile Factory delivers an expert team tailored specifically with your transformation objectives in mind and can be adjusted as your needs change.
What You Get
Customized “POD” of experts ready to execute your plan
Typical team composition: Project Manager, Architect, UX/CX Designer, Developer(s), Quality Assurance and DevOps Analysts
SAFe framework based GlobalLogic’s proven execution methodologies
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caseStudy_A Large US Departmental Store

Partnered across all aspects of their global Digital transformation journey with keen focus on improving both revenue uplift and cost efficiency across their value chain.

Commercial Model
POD Details
Pay Per Use
Duration: Variable (Recommended 3 months for initial blueprint execution).
Typical POD Composition: 8 members, comprising of
  • 1
    Solution Architect
  • 1
    Scrum Master / Project Manager
  • 1
    User Experience Specialist / Designer
  • 4
  • 1
    Quality Analyst
Optimally composed to your specific needs and backed by the GL expert Group
$45,000 monthly
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