A Large US Departmental Store
A Large US Departmental Store
We partnered across all aspects of their Digital transformation journey to improve customer centricity, agility and innovation, while reducing costs and improving efficiencies across their value chain.
Business Problem
Client recognized that their mobile presence in the market was inadequate. Their existing mobile application had a conversion rate of < 0.5% and an App Store rating of around 1.5, which led to customer attrition. They wanted to redefine their mobile experience through an industry leading mobile platform.
GlobalLogic team created the solution blueprint and setup multiple agile development teams to deliver a state-of-art mobile platform for the client.
The platform was a game changer for the client and resulted in a staggering 850% growth in Mobile purchases, and a 4.5 rating for the mobile application on the AppStore. The mobile platform can serve 50M+ interactive users.
Business Value Delivered
Enhanced User Experience
  • Improved engagement
  • Increased loyalty
  • Personalization
Technical Benefits
  • High scalability
  • Flexible architecture
  • Enhanced analytics
Impact on Revenue
  • Higher order conversion
  • Increased sales