A Global Leader in Construction Tools Manufacturing
A Global Leader in Construction Tools Manufacturing
GlobalLogic developed an asset management platform for client’s construction tools that helps builders predictively and proactively manage inventory, repairs and inspections thus saving money, and reducing their liability.
Business Problem
Client’s legacy solution was outdated and there was a need of creating the next generation asset management platform that enables various stakeholders improve their inventory processes and also provide a consistent and coherent experience.
GlobalLogic created an intuitive and easy to use solution that aims to solve problems encountered by project managers, warehouse managers, and field personnel in the construction industry such as expired certifications, lapsed maintenance, broken tools, and missing assets.
Utilized the Solution Blueprint and Agile Factory phases to develop a chip to cloud solution helping the client scale an enterprise customer base from 20,000+ to 100,000+ across Europe, US and Asia
Business Value Delivered
Enhanced Business Decisions
  • Better Insights of Tools
  • Better reporting with Accurate & Reliable data
  • Faster decisions with real-time status of all assets & consumables
Technical Benefits
  • Highly scalable platform
  • Improved regulatory compliance
Impact on Revenue
  • 10.7% Increase in Sales globally
  • 7% increase in Operating profit
  • 5% increase in productivity